Searching for window replacement cost in Arlington? Replacement windows are often essential. Most windows in most homes will last between 15 and 30 years if they are well cared for, after which point they may not be as effective or as efficient as they once were.

If your windows have reached the end of their natural life, your home is unlikely to be as efficient as it possibly could be because the weatherstripping and window frames will be starting to let air in and out, and windows may not close as snuggly as they once did, which can mean your windows are less secure too.

If you are noticing various problems with your windows, it might be time to think about getting them replaced.

What Does A Window Replacement Cost In Arlington?

Here at Fidelity Windows, we pride ourselves on installing high-quality windows at fair prices. However, it is really difficult to say, without first seeing your property, how much your window replacement cost in Arlington is likely to be.

There are various factors that can affect the overall cost of window replacements, including the following

  • Window size
  • Number of windows
  • Materials used
  • Window locations
  • Age of property
  • Whether full or retro-fitting is required

That being said, it is possible to work out the average national cost of residential window replacements, and the most commonly cited figures seem to suggest that the average cost of replacing a single window is $650. The lowest figure stated per window is $200 and the highest is $1,800.

Of course, that does not take into account any special requirements that could cause the price to go up or down, such as needing specially tempered glass or choosing a unique decorative feature.

Our windows will save you money

Of course, the cost of windows cannot just be calculated on the price of buying and installing them alone. Our windows are extremely energy-efficient, which means, once they are installed, they will keep energy in your home where it is needed. This means you won’t need to spend nearly as much to maintain the right temperature in your home and your utility bills may fall significantly as a result. When working out whether you can afford to have windows replaced, it is then, very important to factor in the long-term savings too.

We offer a warranty

Although replacement windows can be expensive, here at Fidelity Windows, not only do we make our windows to last, but we also offer a 15-year warranty at no extra cost, which means, that whatever happens you can trust our windows to stay the distance and you won’t have to worry too much about maintenance costs, which is why we think we are one of the best replacement window companies around.

Get The Window Replacement Cost Near Arlington – Talk With Fidelity Windows, Doors, & Sidings

If you’re interested in replacing your old windows and want to know the likely window replacement cost in Arlington, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team here at Fidelity Windows. We are always on hand to answer questions and provide no-obligation quotes you can trust.

When you need replacement windows at affordable prices, you need us.

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We just replaced all the windows in our home and are thrilled. Paul and the team did an outstanding job during the sale and installation. These windows and the install are awesome! We highly recommend them.

– Tom & Sarah W.


Very satisfied with the work Paul and his crew did today. Its unheard of these days that owners come out and make things right. I love my windows and will do business with Fidelity Windows again.

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Our experience has been nothing but exceptional & smooth from start to finish! Paul and the installation crew were all extremely knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Thank you for ding such a great job, we love our new windows!

– Lisa E.


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