Looking for house window replacement in Grapevine? The average lifespan of residential windows is between 15 and 30 years, so although it would be nice if they lasted forever, it is simply not the case, and it is really important that you replace your property’s windows once they start to degrade.

If your windows have started to let in drafts if the frames are starting to stick and be difficult to open, and if your energy bills are getting higher because your windows are not doing as good a job of keeping the hot or cool air, as required, in as they once did, these are all signs that you may need to start thinking about a house window replacement in Grapevine.

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Here at Fidelity Windows, we are experts when it comes to house window replacement in Grapevine. We can quickly and efficiently install new residential windows that will completely transform your property.

What are the benefits of replacing your house windows?

Replacing your existing windows, especially if they are older, will reap many rewards for you and your family, including the following:

Increase your home’s energy efficiency

Perhaps, the biggest benefit of replacing your existing windows is the improvements in energy efficiency that have been made in recent years. Here at Fidelity Windows, we focus on installing windows that are highly energy efficient. We do this by using a unique energy-saving glass system with High-Performance Low-E glass, which will help to keep the heat in your home.

We also use continuous weatherstripping and a unique interlocking design feature to ensure that your windows, and therefore your home, are draft-free.

Increase the value of your home

When you replace your old windows with new, attractive, and energy-efficient ones, you will be adding value to your home. Today’s buyers are very invested in the energy efficiency of their homes, and high-quality windows are top of the list of things they are looking for, which means, should you decide to sell, new windows will help you to get a better price.

Not only that, but our attractive windows will also boost the curb appeal of your property significantly, which is always a big draw for buyers, too.

Increase your home’s security

Something else that replacement windows can help with is improving the security of your home. Old windows do not have all of the modern security features than new ones do, and because the frames and fixings degrade over time, they can make it really easy for would-be thieves to gain entry.

At Fidelity Windows, we use a range of measures to ensure that our windows offer the highest level of security, including fitting prestige mortise handles and steel reinforcement as standard. Our windows will keep you safe.

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If you’re ready to replace your windows in Grapevine, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team of window fitters here at Fidelity Windows. Whether you’re looking to improve your home’s curb appeal or boost its energy efficiency, we are here to help you make the most of your home by replacing your windows.

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We just replaced all the windows in our home and are thrilled. Paul and the team did an outstanding job during the sale and installation. These windows and the install are awesome! We highly recommend them.

– Tom & Sarah W.


Very satisfied with the work Paul and his crew did today. Its unheard of these days that owners come out and make things right. I love my windows and will do business with Fidelity Windows again.

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Our experience has been nothing but exceptional & smooth from start to finish! Paul and the installation crew were all extremely knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Thank you for ding such a great job, we love our new windows!

– Lisa E.


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