Thanks to more than 30 years of extensive testing and our proprietary Alumalure 2000 finish, Mastic’s Performance Metal Gutters remain the premier metal gutters in the industry.

Make sure your home exterior remodel is finished with coordinating and matching gutter materials. We have colors that will work well with almost every home color and style.

Choosing a Mastic sectional gutter rain removal system ensures your home has the most rugged system you can buy. The unique and patented free-floating hanger system, the durable finish, and high quality aluminum of the Mastic Sectional Gutter Rain Removal System is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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Why Does Your Home Need Gutters?

Most homeowners feel that gutters are not essential to their homes. However, even small amounts of rain can wreck havoc on your home if it doesn’t have protection.

Foundation Problems

Without gutters, rain that hits a home’s roof falls off into a narrow border next to the foundation. In the valleys of the roof, the runoff is focused into a forceful stream that can actually dig a hole in the ground it impacts.

Saturation of the foundation area can cause settling and cracking. Homes with block foundations are especially vulnerable. Runoff water can enter the crawlspace between the floor and the ground increasing the humidity and can contribute to future wood rot and mold.

Wall Problems

Runoff does not fall straight down. When water falls from your roof it curls back from the edges of the eaves and as the stream falls it is deflected by wind and air resistance. This allows the rainwater to hit your home’s exterior walls, which can cause problems over time if left untreated.

In sheltered places the extra water on the exterior walls can contribute to mildew. Even houses with impermeable siding are vulnerable. Also, the exterior paint can be damaged and peel away from wood siding prematurely. On lower areas along the walls paint can be marred by mud thrown up when the runoff hits the ground causing routine maintenance upkeep.

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