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Patio Doors

Patio doors make a great opening to an outdoor living space. Homeowners can choose between a wide array of colors and configurations to align with their vision. Patio doors can be matched with replacement windows to qualify for current tax credits. The energy efficiency of Patio doors has improved ten-fold in the last few years; better frame construction insulates and protects, without compromising on aesthetics.

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Standard Features

  • Steel Reinforcement in Vertical Stiles.

  • Draining system with Anti-Return flap keeps water and air where it should be.

  • “Prestige” Mortise handle with optional key lock.

  • 4 5/8 frame adds Durability and Enhanced Performance.

  • Energy saving Glass system with High Performance Low-E Glass.

  • Choice of 5 handle options.

  • Optional Foot Lock for added Security.

  • Top/side lites available.

Sliding Glass Door

  • Climate-neutral performance. Easy operation even in the toughest of climates.
  • Energy-efficient design. Continuous weatherstripping and interlocking design features help keep your home draft-free and provide energy savings, too.
  • Solid, secure construction. Multiple locking points offer an added level of security.
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French Doors

  • High Performance Q-Lon Weatherstripping for a tight seal.

  • Anodized Aluminum Sill Vover for Increased Durability.

  • Optional Internal Blinds Available.

  • Available in Almond and White.

  • White Exterior Available with Dark Oak, Natural Oak or Cherry Interior Woodgrain.
  • Internal Weepins Systems Ensure Proper Water Runoff.

  • Toplites and Sidelites Available.

  • Rust Proof, Full Length Aluminum Geared Hinges.

Patio Doors

Create a natural extension to the outdoors with Fidelity durable, low maintenance, affordable, smooth sliding Multi-Slide patio doors

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Vivid Color

Vivid Color™ by NT Window offers window and door coatings that come in almost any color of the rainbow giving you endless design choices

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Value & Durability

Known for durability, energy efficiency and low maintenance, Fidelity offers size, shape and style options to make every house a beautiful home without the luxurious price tag.

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